Polyclinic Lozankovski

Our story starts in 2005 with only one team. The team was composed of one gynecologist and one nurse. Your trust supplemented by our commitment to your health care created conditions for increasing the number of gynecological teams. We were happy to attend during your the most exciting moments by coming new life. Establishing new families did not encourage us to establish as pro pediatric until we started to care for new mothers and the development of the youngest population.

Working with the most sensitive population as pregnant women, mothers, and children, and the need for rapid diagnosis, give us high-ranking establishment to start with another department – a biochemical laboratory. Today we have several teams of gynecologists, pediatricians and biochemists, total employees is 16.

Increase the number of our patients and the number of health professionals in the polyclinic is another confirmation that our imperative is to take care of the health of our patients.

And yes, it's a good feeling when a mother meets her child with a gynecologist who has recently carefully followed his development on a black and white screen. This is another of the many reasons why we are existing for. And that's why we are grateful.